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History of the American armored film HK Mark PPF

The history of American HK Mark PPF armor film begins in 1984, when Hexcel Corporation originally developed this material for the aerospace industry. HK Mark PPF, or «High-Kinetic» Mark Prepreg Film, is a composite material consisting of carbon fiber and other lightweight and strong materials.

Thanks to its unique properties, HK Mark PPF armor film has become an ideal material for protecting and armoring various objects, including armored vehicles and vehicles. Its strength, lightness and ability to absorb energy during force impacts make it one of the most effective armor systems available today.

Since 2001, HK Mark PPF has been actively used by the American army during military conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan. This material was used to armor cars and helicopters, reducing the risk of shrapnel penetration and damage to vehicles and crew.

In subsequent years, HK Mark PPF continued to develop and improve, introducing new technologies and materials. The armor film has been improved to improve protection and reduce weight, while maintaining a high level of strength and effectiveness.

Currently, HK Mark PPF is widely used not only in the military sphere, but also in the civilian sector. It can be seen on many vehicles such as armored vehicles, trucks and buses, as well as critical infrastructure such as buildings and structures.

HK Mark PPF armor film continues to be developed and improved to meet modern safety and protection requirements. This makes this material an integral component in the armoring and protection of facilities around the world.

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